Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz


Efecto Tamagotchi

Héroes de Papel, 2019


First published book. Nostalgia culture follows us without losing sight of our roots. Film, video games, literature… almost the entire cultural spectrum leads us to something we already know or have experienced. Beyond those who experience the 80s, there’s a generation that lived through the rise of toys like Tamagotchi or Furby; the transition from analog to digital; and enjoyed series like Rugrats, Power Rangers, or Sailor Moon. A generation that witnessed a millennium change they weren’t prepared for. 

Those who experienced the Tamagotchi Effect also have the right to remember what the world was like before smartphones and to delve into the cultural spectrum in which they grew up. 

This book aims to analyze an entire generation through their leisure habits. From “tazos” to Harry Potter, without forgetting Tim Burton, Dragon Ball, or the first PlayStat